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The Museum of Bath at Work opened in 1978, and since then the nature of work has changed dramatically. Even in the last few years, how, with whom and where people work has changed during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In an attempt to record the range of occupations in Bath in 2022 The Museum of Bath at Work has arranged with fifty local businesses and organisations for portrait photographs of workers to be taken in their place of employment. In some cases, this was voluntary work, but in most, paid work. The museum asked each subject to provide a brief statement about their work and why they continue doing it. 

These have ranged from a Funeral Director to a Chimney Sweep, a Teacher of Bell Ringing to an Estate Agent. Viewed together these fifty images present a picture of the working life of the city today. Many occupations are not represented in this exhibition, but the museum intends to carry this project onwards and take additional photographs as the years go by. 

Work is a fact of life for us all, whether it is paid or unpaid, at home or in a place of work. Whether it is homework, housework or metalwork, we are brought up with it from childhood. This exchange of labour for rewards may have changed its form over the centuries, but it has always been with us. 

The exhibition will open at the Museum of Bath at Work on the 30th June and run until 31st December. 




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