Last updated 30 June 2020

We are encouraging all Visit Bristol and Meet Bristol members to update their listings as we see web traffic and public sentiment moving more towards planning a visit.

We appreciate that things are proceeding rapidly right now, and also that plans may change. Please rest assured that we will make changes quickly and expediently and you can send updates through to us as many times as you wish. Some businesses will have multiple listings on our website and we encourage you to review all of these, as reassurance and reopening messaging may be different for various audiences (eg, Meet Bristol listing, attraction listing, experience listing). Our main message is not to wait, we are happy to have the information drip-fed to us. Any information that is helpful and reassuring to a visitor is good for your listing.

What are we already doing with your listings?

  • Visit Bristol and Meet Bristol are updating all product listings with a note to explain that things are moving fast, we are updating as quickly as possible and to visit your website for the most up to date information.
  • We are also putting a note adjacent to listed opening times to ensure visitors check your website before planning a visit as we appreciate opening times may be changing – do let us know of any updates, of course.
  • We have updated our Covid-19 advice page for visitors and will continue to do so when new and relevant information becomes available. This page will continue to be prominently featured on the website. Our advice page for member businesses is here.

What can we offer you right now for your listings?

  • Updated main descriptions on all products – a chance to update under a separate header or update the whole text description. This should be in the third person as the voice is from Visit Bristol.
  • Updated imagery – photographs of systems in place to be covid safe, staff in facemasks, open spaces and people socially distanced will reassure visitors
  • External links – we can add specific links to your listing which could direct visitors straight to your covid safe pages, social distancing policy, etc.
  • PDF downloads – if you have a PDF of your new policies and procedures that is relevant to visitors, we can host it on our site and link via your product page
  • Reassurance video – if you have produced/planning to produce a reassurance video, we can link to that on our site via a youtube link. See these from Warwick Castle and Blenheim Palace as examples of good practice
  • Visit Britain ‘Good to Go’ mark (more details here): If you have signed up for this recognition mark, we can display that as an award on your product listing. We will be able to provide lists by type of business and/or area of those products who have this award and plan to do this within our recovery campaign content, so would recommend signing up as soon as you can. There is also an AA Covid Confident mark which we can display on your listings too. This is also free to sign up to.
  • COMING SOON: Our web providers are working on a series of new ‘facilities’ all related to Covid that we can allocate to your business listing and will sit alongside the normal facilities such as car parking, wifi, etc. These are yet to be defined, but will be in line with national advice. Examples might be: Social Distancing Requirements, Face Masks available, Temperature Checks, COVID Signage, Contactless Payment only, Hygiene Screens, Enhanced Cleaning, Hygiene Stations and Hand Sanitisers, etc. There would be the ability to add notes to each of these, so businesses could provide more info on each one. 

How to contact us

Please send all information for updates through to us via e-mail to as soon as possible. 




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