The Bath Digital Festival is an annual week-long series of events that take place in October each year. The festival brings people and technology together to explore the thriving digital scene in Bath. Founded in 2011, and now a registered charity, the festival helps to kick-start learning in the digital technology sector, as well as provide the local community with a platform that enables them to grow and develop their skills and build connections with local and national organisations.

The festival takes individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds on a journey of digital discovery whilst exploring the 85+ events including interactive workshops, seminars and thought leadership over five days across the city. 

Overall, the Bath Digital Festival aims to:

  • Champion digital technology in the local community; in business and our personal lives;
  • Promote and advance the technical sector in the region; 
  • Provide a platform to share, educate and create excitement around innovation, opportunities and success stories locally. 

Each year, the festival focuses on emerging trends in the sector and shines a light on the fantastic innovation in the city. 2020’s focus was around cyber security, the growth in health tech and the demand for increased skills provision. By collaborating with 100+ businesses and engaging with 2,500 attendees across the week, the festival is able to showcase the best in digital and technology in the region. 2021 marks 10 years of Bath Digital Festival and collaborations with key partners, our fantastic sponsors and local champions, we intend to ensure the tech spotlight is on Bath showcasing how every industry collides with digital technology in unique and inspiring ways. 

Invest Bristol & Bath is proud to support festivals such as the Bath Digital Festival and Bristol Tech festival. These festivals are a great opportunity for the region to showcase its thriving and innovative Tech cluster, attract new investments and promote key opportunities to national and international markets.

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