Who: Wales Legal Awards & Wales Start-Up Awards
Where: Studio G – Streamed Online (via Vimeo)
When: 11th September & 1st October 2020

Genero was approached by both the Wales Legal Awards and the Wales Start-Up Awards to take each fantastic event online, to allow for the continued celebration of Welsh businesses and legal teams.
The Wales Legal Awards is a ceremony that recognises and celebrates the success of legal teams practising in, and providing services to, the legal profession in Wales. It’s an opportunity to showcase the hard work and success within the legal sector over the past previous year.
The Wales Start-Up Awards is a ceremony that focuses specifically on celebrating the success of exciting start-up businesses across Wales. This event felt even more important due to the need to recognise their achievements during such a challenging time for all businesses.
This year both events were taken online to enable them to go ahead in spite of Coronavirus restrictions.
Genero was delighted to facilitate both these moves online, and is proud to be associated with such great Welsh events

For both award ceremonies, the objective was to complete a full event production from our very own event facility, Studio G.

From considering the design and creation of the set for both occasions, to the live streaming of the events, our team was on-hand for the entire process.

What we did

Matching the atosphere

For the Wales Start-Up Awards, our design team created a set that matched the fun and lively feel of the traditionally “strictly no black tie” atmosphere of the event.

On the other end of the scale, for the Wales Legal Awards, we were able to replicate the typically live glamorous evening in an online environment. Using our expertise, we captured the elegance of the evening, and ensured that the best-of-the-best in the legal sector in Wales enjoyed a fantastic celebratory event.

Using Studio G

Both events made use of our very own full live event facility, Studio G. They were both streamed across the popular streaming platform, Vimeo, while also combining a mixture of live images ‘stitched’ together from a variety of remote and live contributors.

We created these “stitches” by setting up live Zoom rooms for finalists to allow for live cuts for winner’s reactions. It was great to see the delight on the faces of the winners as their names were announced.

Custom backdrops

Both events also featured a custom backdrop and setting, created by our fantastic design team, and in both cases, we were careful to ensure that brands were being well reflected and represented. For the Wales Legal Awards, for example, the graphic design team designed specific sponsor strings and created the awards content deck. Royalty free music was also used throughout the event to ensure the show remained its high energy.

Additional features

The Wales Legal Awards additionally featured live judge and sponsor comments about the categories and winners. This, combined with the hosts live in the studio and the sponsor strings, was all sent out as a live broadcast by our talented streaming technicians.

For the Wales Start-Up Awards, from Studio G we also produced pre-recorded videos with each of the sponsors, the host, and multiple category presenters.

Services provided

For both events, we provided:
● Live streaming and a Streaming Technician
● Live technical Support
● Cameras and Camera Operators
● Set and Stage design and build
● Studio G (our very own live event studio)

For the Wales Legal Awards, we also provided content design and creation, and for the Wales Start-Up Awards, we provided live host and presenter recording services.


Both events were a huge success and ran smoothly with no issues.

The Wales Start-Up Awards was watched by over 2,500 unique addresses, which was a particularly noteworthy achievement.

Genero is proud to have delivered such great events for two Welsh awards.


We loved being involved with both events that truly celebrated the best-of-the-best in Wales. It’s an honour for Genero to be involved in such events, and particularly as the Wales Start-Up Awards is the only award ceremony in the UK that focuses specifically on the success of new businesses.

Further highlights in being involved with the Wales Start-Up Awards include maintaining the buzz that the live event typically produces for both the attendees as well as our wonderful team who worked on the project.

When working on the Wales Legal Awards, we loved watching this event grow throughout the planning and design stages. Not only because it’s a fantastic event that celebrates the successes and the achievements of the many specialised and talented Welsh legal teams, but also because we love working with the wonderful team behind the awards.

The team is made up of the wonderful co-founders Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, and Charlotte Leyshon, and was this year managed by long-standing friend of Genero, Emma Waddingham.




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