Who: University of South Wales (USW) 
Where: Online (via Zoom) 
When: 15th – 17th December 2020 
Number of Delegates: 600+ 


The Jean Monnet Network on EU Counter Terrorism (EUCTER) led by the University of South Wales (USW) is a three-day conference. It brings together key people involved in international counter terrorism policy and academics involved in the study of terrorism, counter terrorism, and radicalisation.

With the Covid-19 restrictions preventing the conference from being held in a live face-to-face setting, it was required that the conference take place online. Genero was approached to use its technical expertise and experience to make this happen.

The event was a series of online webinars including a keynote speech, individual speakers, discussants, and panel sessions.


To facilitate live webinars via zoom, including individual talks and panel sessions with multiple discussants from all over the world.

To be involved with the preplanning, live management, and postproduction of the event.        

What we did

Genero provided numerous services to allow the conference to go ahead smoothly.

Firstly, for the panel sessions we facilitated a Q&A function, enabling this Q&A session to easily take place. Alongside this, Genero also managed a delegate chat which allowed for participation and interaction for attendees throughout the day to maximise the interactivity of the event.

We also knew that for the event to run successfully it was crucial that all participants thoroughly understood how the online event would be run. To ensure that the event ran as smoothly as possible, we held remote discussant and speaker briefing sessions prior to the event. This factor was even more important as there were speakers from all over the world.

Organising and running these remote briefing sessions wasn’t a problem for the Genero team, who are well versed in running online events and explaining the process to others.

Finally, Genero provided a data capture of all attendees for the client and provided a full recording of the event for use as an ‘On Demand’ offering to those who could not attend the event in real-time.

Services Provided

● Virtual platform for the client

● Virtual event management

● Technical support

● Postproduction of footage


Delivering the conference online was a huge success. Every aspect, including the panel sessions, individual speakers and discussions ran as smoothly as possible, and it was great to see so much interactivity take place during the event.


One highlight of this project was being part of such a great newly established conference, led by a Welsh University, but also one that included contributions from other fantastic universities from across the UK, Europe and further afield.

A special highlight of the conference was a lecture on the 20 years of counterterrorism in Europe’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, by Professor Jörg Monar




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