Who: Guinness
When: November 2020

Guinness approached the Genero team with the aim to create an advert around the time of The Autumn Nations Cup.

With no fans allowed to either attend the game live, watch it together at the pub, or at least at a friend’s house, the advert was a plea to the nation - it was meant to encourage people who were planning on hogging the television on the day of the rugby, to instead allow their loved one to watch the game and support Wales.


To successfully launch an important public service announcement style advertisement for Guinness during the time of The Autumn Nations Cup.

The main objective of this campaign was to create an advert that was engaging and that fit with the intended narrative.

What we did

Despite struggles that COVID-19 restrictions brought, our professional team expertly handled the staging and filming for this campaign on a tight deadline.

Working in collaboration with another production company, using close communication and flexibility to ensure consistency and continuity across all productions, we delivered the advert for Guinness.


Our staging and lighting of the set created a perfect homely atmosphere to fit with the theme of the advert. The advert was a success, and it featured our very own Commercial Director Tom Shanklin.

The advert also included some product placement to promote the Guinness brand, and the advert as a whole was a great success.


We felt extremely honoured to team up with Guinness to help them produce this advert, particularly as The Autumn Nations Cup is a very important time for us here in Wales




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