Firstly, what are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are any type of event, for example, a conference, exhibition, workshop, presentation or seminar which merges a live event, with an online event. The live event still takes place in a physical venue but it is attended by virtual delegates through various online platforms. Hybrid events have increased in popularity due to the current restrictions in place stopping large gatherings of people. Their rise in popularity is a fantastic example of how the events industry has worked together to adapt to the current climate.

There are multiple variations of hybrid events, but at the core, it is a combination of live and online content. Therefore the benefits are bountiful, here’s a few:

  • Content is reusable. It can be kept and replayed at another time. So attendees don’t necessarily need to worry about taking notes, but also if they aren’t able to attend a particular aspect of the event, they have access to it online at a later date.
  • Reach a larger audience
  • No geographic constraints
  • Cost effective
  • Available across all social media platforms
  • Builds a community
  • Measure audience engagement 

Delegates attend a hybrid event via an online platform, shown on a computer screen
What are Genero doing to create hybrid events?

If you cannot attend the event, they will bring it to you!

Genero offer a full hybrid event platform. They wanted to bridge the gap between live and online events and have the facilities to do so. They can provide all aspects needed to create a hybrid event from under one roof. The hybrid facility consists of a green room (allowing for key individuals to film live and be virtually projected into a live event), various sized customisable backdrops (pre-built and ready to use, offering live event production, fitted with audiovisual technology and the necessary furniture to stage the live aspect of your event), social media marketing capabilities and graphic design for event artwork and marketing.

Genero have previous experience in hybrid events, with webcasting previously providing approximately 20% of their past workload. They have produced various events with webcasting, taking place at locations like London Stock Exchange, many for Nordic-region clients with biannual financial results to present. Other past webcasting clients include Heineken, HSBC and Carphone Warehouse.

We spoke to Genero’s Managing Director, Peter Leckie, asking his opinion on hybrid events. Peter has years of experience in the events industry and Genero has been running for almost twenty years. Here’s what he had to say:

Do you see hybrid events overcoming traditional events, such as conferences and exhibitions?

"In the short term, yes, I do see hybrid events taking over, it is out of necessity because of the current climate. Going forward, I believe they will play much more of a role than ever before. Online events have the capability to reach a wider audience alongside offering several commercial benefits, therefore they will definitely play a bigger part in the future. However, I think that traditional events will always play an important role due to invaluable face to face networking and the social opportunities they present."

How do you see events evolving in the future?

"I think events will incorporate online content and virtual environments far more than they have before. It seems that people are much less afraid and wary of online technologies, due to the pandemic restrictions and being forced to use video calls for essential communications, such as meetings and presentations."

What are the benefits of hybrid events?

"The main benefits are certainly commercial, broadening creativity and ease of access online allowing a much wider audience reach. I think conferences and exhibitions are the main areas where this will enhance the delegate and visitor experience."

Are hybrid events suitable to all organisations?

"Yes but it’s all about the message, communication and experience that the organisation is trying to achieve. Hybrid events are easy to achieve with the right people behind you. We at Genero offer a full hybrid event platform, so are able to cover all necessities to create a successful event."

What technologies are used?

"There are many technologies used in creating a hybrid event, the answer would be different for each specific event. There is not one way to present a hybrid event, it depends on the content delivery requirements and client budget constraints. In general, streaming software and hardware are a necessity, along with good internet connection at the live event venue."

Contact Genero today for further information on their hybrid event platform. 

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